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School Data Dashboard

The School Data Dashboard provides a snapshot of school performance at Key Stages 1 and 2.  To view the Ofsted Dashboard click here

Our latest Inspection was on 12/13th November 2013

Please see the relevant documentation below.

Ofsted Summary 2012

OFSTED said:

‘The school’s sense of community is largely due to pupils’ good attitudes, behaviour and enjoyment of school’.


‘Pupils clearly feel safe at school’.


‘Pupils develop positive attitudes to learning, shown in the good presentation of their work’.


‘The regular and skilled teaching of phonics in Reception and  Key Stage 1 has a positive impact on children’s early literacy skills.’


‘The teaching of reading is embedded well into the school’s curriculum’.


‘Teachers plan lessons which cater for pupils’ wide-ranging needs, and increasingly provide additional challenge for the most able pupils...’.


‘Teaching Assistants are well-briefed about their role in each lesson and make a valuable contribution to pupils’ learning’.


‘The partnership with parents and carers is strong. Parents and carers have good opportunities to discuss pupils’ progress with teachers’.


‘The Headteacher, senior leaders and the governing body have high expectations of what pupils at the school are capable of achieving’.

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