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KS1 Phonics & Reading

In EYFS and KS1 we follow the Letters and Sounds scheme.  The sounds are taught in sets, as follows:

Set 1: s a t p
Set 2: i n m d
Set 3: g o c k
Set 4: ck e u r
Set 5: h b f ff l ll ss
Set 6: j v w x
Set 7: y z zz qu
Set 8: ch sh th ng

ai  ee  igh  oa  oo  ar  or  ur  ow  oi  ear  air  ure  er 


At Mayplace Primary School we use book bands for guided reading.  This consists of eleven colour bandings, including some scheme books and some high 'quality real' books, that provide a progressive structure for guided reading books in the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One.

In Key Stage Two we provide good quality texts by utilising the Core Books list from the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education.  This enables us to create a high quality library of books. 

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